Our Philosophy

Transfiguration Catholic School

Transfiguration Catholic School’s primary goal is to help bring about God’s Kingdom on Earth. The school especially aims to:

  • Enable students to grow in their Catholic faith in an environment that embraces Catholic teachings and values.
  • Encourage Catholic students to fully discover and utilize their God-given talent in thoughtful, creative, and industrious ways.
  • Concentrate on a curriculum that includes the mastery of basic skills by every student. This concentration fosters a higher level of thinking, promotes thoughtfulness and creativity, and encourages each child to reach his/her highest potential.
  • Empower students with a desire to reach out beyond themselves to others in need of help. The school provides authentic opportunities to serve others as a method of that empowerment.
  • Foster Transfiguration students’ growth from egocentric to socially concerned members of society.
  • Promote the school’s role in the parish; which is to pray for and with the parish community, to be a visible sign of that community, and to witness the parish and school’s beliefs through involvement in social justice issues.  
  • Provide an education that encompasses the whole child and inspires growth and development of the mind, body, and soul.