K-2 Curriculum

Stephanie Brown - Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten is a time of great growth and development.  Students come in with varying experiences and are given opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the day.  In addition to our day-to-day learning, we have many fun learning experiences throughout the year.  Kindergarteners count up to 100 and celebrate the 100th day of school, taste green eggs and ham to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day, and raise baby chicks as part of their Science curriculum! 

Kindergarten and first grade partake in fun field trips to the Children’s Theater, Children’s Museum, Minnesota Zoo, and Apple Orchard/Pumpkin patch on a rotating basis.  Kindergarten is full of active learning, singing, dancing, and learning through play.  But most importantly, our faith guides our daily interactions and lessons and helps us to become respectful and caring individuals who keep Jesus in our hearts.

Julie Blanda - First Grade Teacher
First Grade

In First Grade we enhance our curriculum by learning about and celebrating Christmas and Holiday’s Around the World, count up to and celebrate the 100th day of school, participate in the Flat Stanley Project, write, polish, illustrate and publish a story into a book, attend field trips on a rotating basis to the Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch, Children’s Theater, Minnesota Zoo, and the Children’s Museum.  We love being friends with our 7th grade Mass buddies!

Faith Moddrell - Second Grade Teacher
Second Grade

Second Grade is a very special year! Students learn and prepare for two sacraments. In January, students celebrate their First Reconciliation, and in the spring their First Holy Communion. Throughout the year, students build and deepen their knowledge from the previous years in all academic areas. In reading, we have a strong focus on comprehending the stories we read and developing fluency in our reading. Students are taught to write and read in cursive. In the spring, students learn to write their first research paper on an animal.