Why Choose Transfiguration Catholic School?

  1. Strong Catholic Environment
  2. Rigorous Academics
  3. Small Class Sizes
  4. Green Initiatives
  5. Wide Range of Extracurriculars
  6. Dedicated and Caring Teachers and Staff
  7. Sacramental Preparation
  8. Parental Involvement
  9. Club Tiger Extended Care Program 
  10. Strong Community and Parish/School Connection
Academic Excellence!

We're excited to share our school’s NWEA Testing information from Fall 2018. As you can see, every grade exceeded the Norm RIT value.

Grade Norm RIT
Catholic School
RIT Score
Norm RIT
Catholic School

RIT Score
  Math Math Reading Reading
3rd 203.4 209.7 198.6 206.6
4th 213.5 213.8 205.9 211.8
5th 221.4 222.0 211.8 217.0
6th 225.0 227.9 215.8 219.5
7th 228.6 238.7 218.2 227.3
8th 230.9 239.8 220.1 229.0
The Norm RIT Value is what is expected at that age nationally from NWEA.

What do our current parents have to say?

“Welcoming community, active parish and parents in the school; great sports in the school; a wonderful priest who really knows how to reach kids – his school Mass homilies are fun, direct and kid-friendly”

“The personal attention of the teachers – My children’s teachers seem so in-tune with 
my kids. Love, love, love our teachers!”

“Academics are the greatest strength. My daughter is much farther ahead of her peers 
in public education."

“The strong community, excellent teachers and Catholic education...”

“...the middle school students support the younger students and vice versa. Students 
seem to care for each other as demonstrated by the First Communion posters, cards, 
and graduation Mass.”

“Our child has wonderful friends and loves school.”

"Warm, caring Catholic community”