Get Involved: Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

What is your  + One?

What do you enjoy doing?  Are you a handyman or skilled tradesman?  Do you love to sing or bake?  Are you good at organizing or decorating?  Would your career skills benefit the Church?   Whatever your talent or skill may be, Jesus Christ wants you to use it!  You have a home at Transfiguration, and you have a place here to use your gifts to build up the Body of Christ!

We need your help!   

Father Baer (Pastor from 2010-2018)  challenged all of us to a commitment of “Mass plus One”: Attending Mass each week as well as finding one more way to serve God’s people.  Many parishioners have several “+ones” and provide much-needed support and service around Transfiguration every day. 

What do you enjoy doing?  What will your +one be?  Explore these pages for opportunities, or simply contact our Parish Office at 651-738-2646 and let us help you get involved today!

Help Wanted!

Below is a list of current Volunteer opportunities and needs identified by Parish Staff.  Please contact the Parish Office at 651-738-2646 if you are able to help with these ministries and tasks.  We invite you to browse all of our opportunities to get involved in the ministries programs at Transfiguration.

Altar Linens

Volunteers are needed to wash and maintain altar linens. 

Commitment: 3-4 hours, 1x every 6 weeks

Description: take home the Liturgical linens, wash/dry, and lightly press

Liturgical Ministries

We are always in need of more people to help before, during and after our weekend Masses.  The following opportunities are available: 

  • Altar Servers (Any young person who has received First Holy Communion is eligible.)
  • Lectors
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Hospitality Ministers
  • Singers and Musicians

For more information on Liturgical Ministries, click the link below.

More Information

Funeral Luncheon Ministry

Volunteers are needed to serve as Callers, Servers, Crew Chiefs and Food Donors to provide support to the families and loved ones of parishioners whose Funerals we celebrate at Transfiguration.

Commitment (from home): 1-2 hours per Funeral

Description: Once you receive word that a Funeral has come in, the coordinator calls 3-4 of the Funeral food callers so that they can call parishioners to request salads/desserts. Then the coordinator calls for 4-6 food servers/workers for the Funeral. Finally, the coordinator calls Knowlans Deli to order meat and rolls for the lunch. He/she reports back to the Parish Office once everything is complete.

Children's Ministries

Volunteers are needed to volunteer in the “Ark” Nursery, and “Totus Tuus” formation programs.

Donut Sunday Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to make coffee and serve donuts, greet and get to know parishioners, and clean-up after the 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Masses on the first Sunday of each month. 

Church Environment

This opportunity includes assisting our lead volunteers with seasonal decorations as well as watering plants and keeping the Church, Chapel and Gathering Space looking its best.

Commitment: 2 hours, 1x every 4 weeks

Description: water all plants in the Church, Gathering Space, and school concourse hallway. This takes about two hours, and is a task for someone who is able to lift large watering cans and bend over easily.

Building and Grounds

We are always in need of individuals with experience in the building trades to work with our Maintenance Staff or serve on our Parish Facilities Committee.  The Facilities Committee meets monthly to identify repair-and-replace problems around our buildings and grounds, develop cost-effective solutions, and keep our campus and equipment running smoothly and looking its best.  We need electricians, plumbers, carpenters, carpet installers, roofers, painters, etc., to provide us with your knowledge and expertise.  

Council and Committee Members

If you have a professional background in law, accounting, finance, marketing, IT, management or other areas that will help the Pastor lead an effective and growing parish, please consider joining one of our Councils or Committees.  For more information and contact information, click the link below.

More Information