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January's Virtue in Practice is FIDELITY:  Being faithful to promises and commitments

Patron Saint of musicians<br/>Feast Day:  November 22

Patron Saint of musicians, Feast Day: November 22

St. Cecelia was a Roman noble woman who suffered martyrdom in the 3rd century.  In a time when it was a crime punishable by death to be a Christian, St. Cecelia remained faithful to God. When it was discovered by the officials that St. Cecelia and her husband were Christians they were put to death by beheading. After Christianity was legalized the Romans built the basilica of Santa Cecelia where her house had been. Her tomb in this church is still an important place of pilgrimage to this day.

Patron Saint of Families & Married Couples<br>Feast Day: November 25

Patron Saint of Families & Married Couples, Feast Day: November 25

Bl. Luigi and Bl. Maria were a married couple from Rome who lived their lives with great fidelity to each other, their children, and God. They prayed together as a family each day and served those around them through works of charity. Their faithful witness to the Christian life encouraged three of their four children to enter religious vocations in the church; their oldest daughter became a nun and their two sons became priests. Because of their life of fidelity, they were the first married couple to be beatified together. Their wedding anniversary now serves as their feast day.

Patron Saint of Mothers, Physicians, Unborn Children <br>Feast Day: April 28th

Patron Saint of Mothers, Physicians, Unborn Children, Feast Day: April 28th

St. Gianna Molla was an Italian laywoman who practiced great fidelity to God and her family. St. Gianna was a physician who dedicated her practice of medicine to helping children, the elderly, and the poor. She was also a faithful wife and mother to four children. While she was pregnant with her fourth child a complication arose
and she had to choose between saving the life of her unborn child or her own.  She told the doctors, “if you must choose between me and the child, do not hesitate. Choose the child—save the baby.”