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December's Virtue in Practice is CHEERFULNESS: Looking on the bright side

Patron Saint of young people<br/>Feast Day:  January 31

Patron Saint of young people
Feast Day: January 31

St. John Bosco was an Italian priest who founded the Salesian order, which was a group of priests who helped homeless boys by giving them a safe home and an education. St. John Bosco organized activities and sports for the boys and showed them that the Christian life was full of joy. He taught them to put Christ at the center of all they did, whether it was working, or praying, or studying or playing.

Patron Saint of the city of Rome<br/>Feast Day: May 26

Patron Saint of the city of Rome
Feast Day: May 26

St. Philip Neri grew up in Rome and even as a young boy was known for his cheerfulness. He was always ready to serve others with a smile. When St. Philip grew up he was ordained a priest and used his cheerfulness and good sense of humor to bring the people of Rome back to a deeper relationship with Christ. He founded an order of priest called the Congregation of the Oratory (Oratorians) who were dedicated to preaching the gospel with joy. He often said that, “Christian joy is a gift from God flowing from a good conscience.”

Patron Saint of mothers & married women<br/>Feast Day:  November 23

Patron Saint of mothers & married women
Feast Day: November 23

Bl. Miguel Pro was a Mexican Jesuit priest in the early 20th century. At the time, the Catholic Church was being persecuted by the secularist government in Mexico. Despite the persecution, Fr. Pro continued to serve the people of Mexico with joy. As a child he had loved to act and make people laugh, he now used those skills to encourage the Catholics who were living under the persecution. He even used his acting skills to avoid being caught by the government forces who were looking for him by dressing in costume and using fake accents.  Bl. Miguel Pro was eventually caught and sentenced to death without a trial. At his execution his final words were “Vivo Cristo Rey!” Long live Christ the King!